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Quit - a failure and a farce in America, inflaming the very evils it is intended to suppress - is this fraud to be planted on us? Vote for Continuance. [ca 1922].

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Alexander Turnbull Library

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1918 - 1928

New Zealand Breweries Ltd

Shows a New Zealand soldier kicking an old man representing Uncle Sam, back across the sea from New Zealand to America. Exhibited as part of "I protest" exhibition of protest posters, Alexander Turnbull Library foyer, Feb-April 1997. Poster shows in graphic form the fact that soldiers returning from the First World War, were able to prevent prohibition by voting Continuance. The poster reflects the arguments used in J Arthur Harrison's "The case for Continuance" (1922), and it is therefore assumed that the poster comes from approximately the same date. There was a licensing poll that year. Quantity: 1 colour art print(s). Physical Description: Chromolithograph, 755 x 500 mm.




1 colour art print(s), Ephemera, Chromolithographs, Posters, Chromolithograph, 755 x 500 mm., Orientation: Vertical image