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Clarke, Cuthbert Charles, 1819-1863 :The stage erected to contain the food at the feast given by the native chiefs, Bay of Islands, September 1849

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Clarke, Cuthbert Charles, 1818-1863, Williams, John, -1905?, Turnbull, Alexander Horsburgh, 1868-1918

An enormous open hakari, or wooden construction, with flags flying from poles on the top and people climbing up its sides, seated beneath it, and moving around its base. A long low whare is in the foreground, with another at right angles to it, and piles of food are on the ground with the whole enclosed by a low fence. This watercolour was originally in the Bridge/Williams album (E-320-f). See also: B-030-006, E-144-002 and a watercolour in the Rex Nan Kivell Collection, National Library of Australia for three other almost identical views by Cuthbert Clarke. This view appears to be a copy by John Williams The feast was mounted at Russell (Kororareka) in honour of Governor George Grey Other Titles - Williams, John, d 1905 Inscriptions: Cuthbert Clarke del. September 1849; Recto - bottom right - title in ink [not in the hand of Cuthbert Clarke; probably the hand of John Williams] Quantity: 1 watercolour(s). Physical Description: Watercolour 302 x 427 mm Provenance: Collection of Alexander Turnbull, purchased from W. Brown of Edinburgh, 19 July 1893, as part of album E-320-f, along with drawings watercolours by Cyprian Bridge and John Williams in the same album. Was possibly on the final page of the album




1 watercolour(s), Works of art, Watercolours, Watercolour 302 x 427 mm