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New Zealand Railways. Publicity Branch :A delicious custard and protective food. "Seameal" (Regd.) dessert; a product of W Gregg & Co. Ltd, Dunedin [ca 1940-1950s?]

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1940 - 1959

New Zealand Railways. Publicity Branch, W Gregg & Company

Shows at centre right a packet of Gregg's seameal custard "a delicious food produced from seaweed. This preparatrion contains .004% of iodine. Must not be confused with other custard powders which do not contain iodine. At top left a jug pours custard into a plate, and the lower half of the poster shows a scene of waves breaking on a rocky sea shore. Quantity: 1 colour art print(s). Physical Description: Chromolithograph and screenprint, 1015 x 760 mm. Provenance: Purchased in 2007.




1 colour art print(s), Ephemera, Chromolithographs, Posters, Advertisements, Chromolithograph and screenprint, 1015 x 760 mm., Orientation: Vertical image