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Hubbard, James, 1949- :"I support gender pay equity..." 11 July 2011

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New Zealand Press Association

In the first three of four frames Prime Minister John Key is shown facing in all directions as he fumbles over a response to the notion of gender pay equity. In the last frame one can see that he is in fact a weather vane being blown in various directions by the wind. Context - Alasdair Thompson, CEO the Employers Manufacturing Association, went on radio to debate a new bill targeting equal pay between men and women and said some women were less productive because they took more time off for things like children and monthly periods. Later in a TV interview with Mihingarangi Forbes he said women took more time off than men because of their 'monthly sick problem'. He has been sacked and the comment has sparked huge debate. The Human Rights Commission has released the Pay Equality Bill to allow employees to ask employers if they are receiving equal pay. Prime Minister John Key appeared open to the Bill in an interview on TVNZ's Breakfast yesterday morning, but by the afternoon he not only said he did not support it, but existing laws already outlawed discrimination. He said 'We also would have real concerns if it was divisive in the workplace or had unintended consequences'. (NZH 18 July 2011) Quantity: 1 digital cartoon(s).

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