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NATIVE MEETING AT WAITANGI (Ashburton Guardian, 14 March 1889)

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native meeting at waitangi pke fbss association auckland march 12 a native meaiidg attended by 800 natives was opened at waitaogl bay of irlands to-day several visitors from auckland were present including sir frederick whiuker who represented the government mr hobbs mtib hon h williams mlo mr sydney taiwhanga m h 8 and a number of settlers also attended the meeting was opened id tha treaty hall heta te hara being appointed chairman it was dsoided that the question of the whaogarei or porotl land district be referred to the meeting to be held at orakol talwhanga bpoke of the right of the natives to deal with their own lands and alluded to protests made last session cy native ohlefs at the bae of the general assembly bir frederick whltaker tald that the bill passed lait session enabled natives to deal with their own lands and the measure had been framed on lines requested by the natives throughout new zealand several ohlefs spoke strongly against the imposition ol the dog tax but the farther consideration of this subjeot was also adjourned to the orakel meeing whloh is to be held shortly no definite baainess was transacted pomara thanked sir f whltaker for his attendance the attorney-genera in replying said it was the desire of govern meat to do all they ouuld for the benefit of the maoris

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