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circa 2001

Witoko, Chrissy

This collaged panel once hung in Wellington's Evergreen Coffee Lounge in Vivian Street. It is part of a collection of panels and other items that relate to the life of Chrissy Witoko, the Evergreen Coffee Lounge, and the communities of people who congregated in the cafés and night clubs around Cuba and Vivian streets between about 1970 – 2002. Each panel includes a combination of photographs featuring people that Chrissy associated with, news or magazine clippings, business cards and other ephemera. This particular panel includes magazine clippings alongside many snapshots taken inside the Evergreen café itself. You can even see the collages in the background, hanging as they once did on the walls of the coffee lounge. A group photo near the middle of the collage was taken upstairs in Chrissy's apartment above the Evergreen. There is also a photo of Chrissy at Government House in Wellington. These photographs and clippings date from the 1990s - 2000s. Some of the people featured in this panel are: Chrissy Witoko, Andrew (Doc) Manuel, Glenda Hughes, Nikora Manuel, Christine McEvoy, Millie Witoko (Chrissy's mother), Anthony Butler, Marcus Darley, Michael Nolder, David Waiwatai, Violet, Dantë Lorreda, Rikki Love, Graeme Harrison, Kym, Alexis Kennedy, Frank Lund, Ellen Hepburn, Maori Rose, Ian, Barry Jenkins, Scott Kennedy, Malcolm Vaughan, former MP Georgina Beyer, former Prime Minister Helen Clark and Carmen Rupe. Te Papa is working in collaboration with LGBTI communities and individuals to discover the histories represented in the panels. If you have any information you would like to share in relation to this panel please contact a history curator at Te Papa on +64 (0)4 381 7000 or email

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