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000:00 “KNOW NEW ZEALAND FIRST No 151” 000:06 The New Zealand Government Publicity Office Presents “SUNNY NAPIER” The Brighton Of New Zealand 000:19 “ Built on the shores of Hawkes Bay where the broad Pacific rolls, Napier, with its magnificent ocean beach and wealth of sunshine, is prominent as a favourite New Zealand watering place.” 000:44 “The famous marine parade from the hills behind the town.” 000:58 Aerial shot of Napier’s Marine Parade, city centre and outer suburbs. 001:24 “A glimpse of the Cathedral and Government offices.” 001:43 “Down in the busy streets.” Streets scenes; pedestrians; trams and an HB Motor Co. Ltd. bus appear briefly. 002:20 “Clive Square with its blossoming flower beds.” 003:13 “Home of the busy trawling fleet. A distant view of port Ahuriri.” 003:54 “Picturesque and tasteful homes on the sunny slopes.” 004:45 “Under the Norfolk pines on the Marine Parade.” People relaxing on pavement seats out on the Parade; street scenes. 005:53 “The bath buildings, at high-water mark.” 006:36 “Three merry maids on the sands.” Three young women sunbathing. 007:01 “Launching the “Mosquito fleet.” Canoeists paddle out into the surf; bathers watch as they return to shore. 008:19 “Venturesome cruisers beyond the surf-line.” 008:47 “One of the most popular institutions on the sea-front - - The children’s playground.” Mothers and their children enjoying the swings and the merry-go-round. 009:23 “The paddling pool where the youngsters hold high revel.” Children have great fun in the outdoor pool next to Napier’s Marine Parade beach front. 009:58 “An absorbing incident - Launching the liner.” 010:37 “A lesson in nautical construction” 011:34 “A Royal splash for a finish.” 021:21 NZ Government Publicity - logo. Various scenes of Napier as it was two years before the earthquake. Civic buildings, houses, traffic and playtime at the beach.

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