DigitalNZ Sets are here

DigitalNZ has a nifty new collecting function. You can now group your favourite things from over 25 million items, and more than120 content partners, together into one useful place. 

One of the exciting things about the digital age is traversing a sea of online content, selecting your choice cuts, and then expressing your personal taste to others. Now you can use your curatorial instincts on DigitalNZ and share your own selections of historically significant New Zealand content with anyone. 

Already, we can see sets created by people out there in the world. Some are informative or a snapshot in time, and some are arty, cute or candid. Some are personal and others risque

From the 'Flags of New Zealand' set.

Flags Of New Zealand

From the 'Pet Portraits' set.

From the 'Decade in the Media: 1980' set.

A Decade In The Media 1980s

Sets show the breadth of content that DigitalNZ has waiting for any keen searcher. While many attractive sets so far have collected together pictures, you can also bring together old newspaper articles, book titles, interactive and dataset listings too. It is incredibly useful for pooling objects on a particular topic area, or on specific moments in NZ history. 

Here are some helpful tips to get you started so you can go get lost in the archives. Once unearthed, your sparkly results will love being shown off in sets.