Printing 'stories' and other site changes

Posted on 14 July 2020 by Admin

'Stories' are the way in which people bring together interesting items on DigitalNZ and keep them in one useful place.

We love it when students and teachers curate their own ‘stories’ about famous New Zealanders, Aotearoa's history, our environment, and our culture.

We’ve recently made a small change to ‘stories’ that will make it easier for teachers to turn a digital resource into a physical one. Now, when you make a ‘story’ you can print it out and it will keep its tidy formatting and look the same as it does on your screen.

Hillary story

How to print your 'story'

  1. Curate your ‘story’. Add items, a title, text, and tags. See our detailed guidance on creating a ‘story’ .

  2. When you're finished, select ‘Print’ on your browser.

  3. Click ‘Print’.

  4. Voila! Your ‘story’ is now a printed resource you can share.

Save your 'story' as a PDF

You can also save or print your story as a PDF and it keeps the same format as it appears on your screen. You will need to have the 'print to PDF' option set up on your operating system.

New content partner page

There’s one other small change we’ve made to recently. We’ve refreshed our current content partners page, so that you can get a quick look at all the current contributors to DigitalNZ and the size of their collections.

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