How to become a content partner

Contributing content to DigitalNZ Search is in most cases a simple process that requires little effort on your behalf.

What you need to do

  • Review the DigitalNZ content scope to see our priorities and principles for including NZ digital content.
  • Check out this simple diagram to see how DigitalNZ works.
  • If you need help with the digitisation of your material, ask for assistance via the Make it Digital Helpdesk
  • Get your digital material online. If you don’t have a website or any other means, you can store material in the Shared Repository if you meet the criteria.
  • Email to let us know the kind of digital content you have (such as images, documents, multimedia).
  • If we accept your registration of interest then we will send you a letter of participation, which explains what being a partner means and asks you to agree to the terms of use for contributing metadata.
  • Consider making your metadata available for commercial use. A great benefit of opening up your metadata for commercial use is increasing the exposure of your online collections. Your metadata (titles, descriptions, small thumbnails, date, etc.) could then be used in applications for sale in app stores and included in subscription databases.
  • Once you have agreed to participate, we will work with you on the technical options for connecting your digital material to the DigitalNZ services (such as the search system and API)

Thanks for your interest, and please get in contact if there is anything we can help with.

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