Records (Metadata)

Method: GET
Availability: Available since version 1
History: Query parameters and response formats significantly changed in version 3. Versions 1 and 2 are no longer supported.

The Get Metadata API call returns the available metadata for a specific item.

For more comprehensive detail on the API parameters and responses see the DigitalNZ OpenAPI spec on SwaggerHub.

URL format<version>/records/<record_id>.<response_format>?<request-parameters>

Required request parameters

The following must be specified as request parameters:

  • api_key - developer API key. Your personal API key must be passed in the HTTP request header as 'Authentication-Token'.

Record ID

Record IDs are returned in the "id" field of results from the Search Records API call. 37757055 is an example record ID.

Response format

The v3 API returns Get Metadata XML, JSON and RSS in the same format as Search Results.

Request parameters, optional

The following may be specified as request parameters:

  • fields - comma-separated list of fields, or groups of fields, to be returned. Possible groups include 'default' and 'verbose'. If no value is specified, then the 'default' field group will be returned.,description,creator,collection_title