Make it Digital Scorecard

The Make it Digital scorecard is a decision-making tool for organisations wanting to select and prioritise content for digitisation in order to improve access.

Based on a good practice digitisation framework, it is focused on assisting with diverse material that cannot easily be compared. The goal is to improve consistency and transparency in decision-making over time.

While the scorecard is designed to be flexible, its intended focus is on making content digitally available to the public. This may mean that for digitisation of privately held material or content for office-oriented information retrieval systems, some criteria are not relevant, while other important considerations such as legal record-keeping requirements are not covered. We would be interested in feedback from those who are interested in the possibility of such applications, and invite such users to adapt this tool’s methods for their own purposes.

Download the latest version of the Make it Digital Scorecard (PDF/680 KB) / Make it Digital Scorecard (DOC/912 KB) .