API users survey

In June 2020 we ran a survey of people using the API to see what we could do to make this service better.

We found that the API was used for a wide range of purposes and with a variety of different programming languages. People also let us know about the issues they were facing. In particular, people identified that there was potential to improve the documentation and support that we provide alongside the API. 

You can read more detail about the responses that we received in this blog post.

DigitalNZ values research

During 2015 we ran a series of research activities to identify the values that our different audiences have for DigitalNZ.

Our DigitalNZ Values Research Results & Analysis provides the detailed results from our research efforts. These research results have contributed to our work ever since 2015.

High level summary of results:

DigitalNZ Partners

  • Most value: Being part of a DigitalNZ community, making connections & seeing context across collections, that it is low effort to be a partner, and benefiting from DigitalNZ innovations.

  • Would like: Access to metrics, improved site design & functionality, DigitalNZ to work on authorities and linked open data, more outreach to partners, advocacy on issues like open licensing, DigitalNZ continue innovating (the metrics dashboard was established in 2016, and the site design and functionality has been revised in 2017).

  • Above all, DigitalNZ Partners value that DigitalNZ increases the exposure of their items to others and being part of the DigitalNZ Content Partner Community. We also found examples of partners that would not otherwise have collections freely online if it weren’t for DigitalNZ.

DigitalNZ API Users

  • Most value: Diversity of data, simplicity of data and openness of data.

  • Would like: Linked open data/authorities, more examples & guidance.

  • Above all, DigitalNZ API Users value that the DigitalNZ API is available for anyone to use and that they are able to access interesting data using the DigitalNZ API.

DigitalNZ Website Users & Searchers

  • Most value: The diversity of sources, saving research time, free access for all, ease of use.

  • Would like: More content, an updated site design, improved search, better results display and more instructional guidance.

  • 79% of respondents scored their experience 6/10 or above.

  • 70% of the web survey respondents said they were able to complete the purpose of their visit. The remaining 30% noted that either the content they wanted wasn’t available or they had some difficulty with searching.

DigitalNZ strategy days

The DigitalNZ Days were held in Wellington on 15 October 2015 and Auckland on 26 February 2016 . During these sessions people from a wide range of organisations came together to share their thoughts on the future of DigitalNZ and to talk about how DigitalNZ could work more collaboratively.

The DigitalNZ Day notes (Google doc) provide a high-level record of the workshop.

Read the Wellington DigitalNZ Day Notes and the Auckland DigitalNZ Day Notes (Links open a Google Document)